Enterprise M&A

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Merger and Acquisition (M&A) is a kind of trade of enterprise’s property rights. Although M&A incentives of different enterprises may not be the same, normal M&A of enterprises are to extend market, acquire new technologies or know-how, strength capability, and promote strategic development, etc. HJI can provide a full solution of whole  M&A cycle for enterprises and serve for enterprises to achieve M&A objectives. Every stage in the M&A cycle, from screening target companies, signing letter of intent, conducting due diligence, making final decision and negotiation, confirming payment price and manner, signing transfer agreement, to completing property right handover and announcement to public, needs professional knowledge and experienced services. HJI’s market and industry analysts, financing experts, enterprise auditors, lawyers, and relevant technical specialists, etc can support your enterprise to achieve successful M&A. As a USA company as well as rich business experience in Asia, HJI have strong capacity to serve for your enterprises to reach cross border M&A objectives.